Facebook has used your data to help its partners and fight their rivals

Facebook has used your data to help its partners and fight their rivals

Facebook has a huge quantity of information concerning you and commonly uses it to keep the success of the firm.

A series of papers obtained by NBC News demonstrates how the company used the personal information of its solution customers to assist those companies with which it had developed partnerships, however likewise to beat those whom it thought about to be competitors.

The files total 7,000 web pages as well as include internal interactions such as emails, chat messages, notes, however also presentations and tables. All originated from 2011 – 2015. 1,200 of them were classified as “really confidential”.

Exactly how Facebook has used customer information to eliminate the competition

The details that the firm has concerning its individuals are many: from information connected to relationships, buddies, birthdates as well as even images. The system was easy: Facebook enabled unique access to these data to those firms with which it works together.

For instance, Facebook offered Amazon with accessibility to its customers ‘information due to the fact that Jeff Bezos’ company was investing money on Facebook advertisements. Rather, Mark Zuckerberg’s company removed access to the individual information of the MessageMe application. He did this since he recognized the app was coming to be as well popular and would have taken on Facebook.

Hence, in many cases, Facebook would reward its partners, giving them advantageous accessibility to specific kinds of user information, while denying them the very same accessibility to rival business.

Presently, state and government authorities are closely taking a look at Facebook’s business techniques. They are trying to find out if Facebook has broken the law, as a result of anti-competitive behavior related to its dominance on the social media sites market.


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